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Okay, everyone, who here is excited for summer? The winter months have dragged on for too long and it’s time for everybody to get back outside and enjoyed the beauty and social living of the famous Australian summer.

You want to enjoy the warmth of the sun, a barbeque, and a cold drink in your backyard but you don’t have a pool to help you cool down. The beach is a great option, but not if you’re not in the vicinity of one (and the sand can be a nuisance, if you’re not a fan).

Here at Dip Pools, we want you to enjoy your garden to the fullest and provide you and your family with one of our premium above ground fibreglass pools or plunge pools in Sydney.

What we do

We offer one of Australia’s finest selections of luxury above ground swimming pools, Dip pools and even fibreglass options designed for limited space properties in Sydney.

Dip Pools are made from tough, lightweight industrial standard reinforced foams and fibreglass. We here at Dip Pools have a passion for leisure – we don’t believe that life should be lived inside or at the desk. Our team wants to help you make the most of your free time and love your backyard – even if it is in a contained space. This is why having a Dip Pool fibreglass swimming pool is perfect for your home.

Every Dip Pool owner can access a wide range of accessories and landscaping options to deliver a unique enhancement to their home.

The best fibreglass swimming pools in Sydney

Our exclusive use of the Australian-designed Theralux enhanced minerals water management system also brings to your home the traditions of mineral baths that have been popular for thousands of years.

The order-to-installation time for your pool is an estimated 3-6 weeks.

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Are you ready to take the “plunge”? Dive in today and call us on 1300 361 565 or email us at info@dippools.com.au to find out how we can increase your life in the most luxurious and refreshing way! Our above ground swimming pools are the best in Sydney – don’t wait until next year, call today!

The best plunge pools & small, above-ground, fibreglass swimming pools in Sydney!

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