Hire a Dip Pool

Just a few Easy Steps and you can Hire a Pool for the Summer

Step 1. Pick a Dip Pool that fits your yard and needs. It’s easy – just get out your tape measure. If you want, give us a call as you do this. We have 2 available pools for hire: The Chanelle, The Myconian.

Step 2. Reserve a Dip pool. When you’ve decided that you do want to hire a Dip Pool, call us. We’ll come over and look at your yard and Reserve a pool with a $100 (non-refundable) deposit.

Step 3. Schedule setup. Pick a date for us to set up your pool. The balance of the rental is due in full at this time, along with a cleaning and security deposit.

Step 4. Enjoy your pool! Pools are hired all year round.

Step 5. At the end of the summer we’ll come by and take down your pool, whenever you are ready and return your security deposit.