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TheraFlo TVS

Featuring the latest innovations and technology, the Australian-designed Theraflo TVS swimming pool pump delivers adjustable water flow and energy savings at the push of a button.

Unlike conventional single speed pool pumps, the Theraflo TVS also features adjustable speed controls to better meet your water requirements.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into the Theralux system, this energy efficient pool pump is compatible with every filtration system, ensuring you can save money on your electricity bills while maintaining a cleaner, healthier swimming pool.

TheraChlor SMC

Therachlor SMC represents the next generation in swimming pool chlorination technology.

Fully automated and featuring a Switch Mode power supply, Therachlor is a highly energy efficient swimming pool sanitation system.

It will save you time and money and reduce your carbon footprint while maintaining a cleaner and healthier pool.

With a simple to navigate digital interface and a backlit LCD, Therachlor is easy to set
up and operate.

Available in 25G and 35G.

Our Technology
Our Technology


Designed specifically for the Australian climate, the Theraclear swimming pool filter is the toughest product on the market.

The revolutionary TWIN layered tank features a strong polyethylene inner layer is reinforced with a robust, durable etc….

Perhaps as an alternative: Its robust, durable tank has two layers: the inner polyethylene layer reinforced by a tough fibreglass outer layer to ensure an exceptional lifespan.

Simple to operate, UV stabilised and corrosion resistant, combines with the Theraclear Glass Filter Media to provide crystal clear water and a healthy pool all year long.


Theratherm heat pumps enable you to enjoy your pool all year round. 

Designed in Australia for Australian conditions, they come in a range of sizes for varying swimming pool volumes.

By harnessing the warmth of nature, TheraTherm heat pumps are highly economical and environmentally friendly.

Our Technology
Our Technology

TheraClear Glass Filtration Media

Theraclear Glass Filtration Media creates a cleaner and healthier swimming environment.

It improves water flow through the filter and decreases loading on the pool pump to extend pump life.

The Theraclear filter is a breeze to clean and maintain.

Our Technology
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