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Providing Top Quality Plunge Pools in Sydney

Have you always wanted a pool in your backyard but have been concerned that your garden doesn’t have the space? Have you always thought that having a pool built in your backyard is only for people with gigantic masses of space?

Not anymore.

The team at Dip Pools is here to install small plunge pools and small swimming pools in your Sydney home. Moreover, our range is designed to suit small spaces and our team is highly experienced in designing and installing options to fit in any layout.

Our wonderful range

We have a fantastic range of small swimming pools at our Sydney store to perfectly fit the size of your front yard, backyard, or even your balcony. Each design is created for sophistication and class. These options include:

  • The Chanelle – a 1.3m wide and 5m long pool – the Chanelle is a perfect fit for a backyard that is long yet narrow. The Chanelle is a design that also allows for exercising and lap swimming.
  • The Mykonian – a 3m by 3m plunge pool, the Mykonian is perfect for a small, compact space. With a sharp, square design this is a wonderful pool for wading and playing around in, whilst adding class to your garden.
  • The Santorini – similar to the Mykonian in size (also 3m X3m) the Santorini is a beautiful bowl-shaped above ground pool. Fantastically Mediterranean, the Santorini is also great for wading and splashing about in.
  • The Cosmopolitan – Also similar to the Mykonian and the Santorini, the Cosmopolitan is a 3m by 3m testament to modern sophistication in backyard pool design. The cosmopolitan is the ultimate lifestyle choice for your compact garden. Great for entertaining and hosting parties, the Cosmopolitan is a great choice for adding a quality feature to your garden.

We also design plunge pools

We here at Dip Pools also design custom made plunge pools for those after an alternative. Contact our pool designer on +61 417 427 419 today to find out how the designer can help you have the perfect pool today.

Want to know more?

Space is no longer a restriction.  Contact our Sydney team on 1300 361 565 to find out more about Dip Pools installing a premium small swimming pool today!

Plunge Pools
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