Equipment Packages

Standard  Equipment Package
$2,500 inc. GST

We recommend this system if you're looking for a more cost-effective option. You can choose to run either salt or minerals with this system.


  • Single-speed pump

  • Cartridge filter

  • Mineral/salt chlorinator

Freshwater System - Clear.png

Naked Swim Package
$5,600 inc. GST

This innovative fresh-water system safely purifies the pool water without the need for additives and keeps the pool water free from algae, bacteria and other unwanted organisms.

  • Naked Freshwater Pool System

  • Zodiac FLOPRO 0.75HP Pump

  • Zodiac ZCF100 Cart Filter


Mineral Swim Package
$6,000 inc. GST

The Taj Mahal of pool systems! It runs on dead sea minerals as well as using O-Zone technology for sterilisation of the water. It also offers a range of health & therapeutic benefits.


  • PRO 1 Mineral Chlorinator Dual

  • Ozone purification combined unit

  • Leisuretime 25 Media Filter

  • pH-Drive i-Series

  • Enviromax 800 variable speed pump

  • Ecoclear® Shield & Swim

  • Ecoclear® Media

Mineral System.png