3 FAQs about precast, concrete plunge pools.

Choosing to invest in a pool is a big financial commitment. You’ve worked hard for your money, so it only makes sense that you want to feel confident in your chosen pool style and installer. If you’ve stumbled across this post [Congratulations! You’re in for a good read], you’ve most likely come across the rapidly growing industry of precast, concrete plunge pools or more specifically, the Plungie pools. Pre-engineered and poured in the Plungie Australia warehouse, the Plungie pools are an industry-leading product that has completely disrupted [for all the right reasons] the Australian pool market. To answer the many questions you’re probably starting to ask yourself, we’ve answered the top 3 most asked questions below!

How much should I expect to spend?

Costs. Without fail, we see this question in nearly every initial query and while it’s easy to give you a rough estimate, a more exact figure depends on a range of factors. This includes the size of precast pool you’re looking for, the accessibility of your site and the site preparation requirements. If you’re looking for a rough guide before you start your precast, concrete pool journey, we recommend heading to our website here.

What’s involved in the initial stages before installation?

The preparation for a traditional fibreglass pool is timely, which means less time spent enjoying your pool! The quick and easy design of the precast, concrete pools means we’re able to complete your pre-installation stages in FOUR easy steps.

  1. Virtual consultation: we’ll organise a quick call to discuss your project ideas and needs.

  2. Initial estimate: after establishing what you’re looking for, we’ll provide you with an estimated total cost.

  3. Site visit & official quote: at this stage, we’ll visit your property and provide you with an official quote.

  4. Planning & approvals: in the final preparation stage, our experienced designers will work with you to finalise the plans and produce a 3D model.

Just like that, you’ll be taking a dip in no time.

What is the internal finish of the pool and can I add tiles?

Besides the final handover of your pool, getting to choose the final look of your pool is by far the most exciting stage. The Plungie pools use an internal high-performance thermo polymer coating called ecoFINISH. ecoFinish is a highly engineered form of powder coating that’s heat-blasted onto the internal shell of the pool, forming a completely sealed, flexible, waterproof membrane that’s both luxurious to the touch, and highly durable. It comes in 6 spectacular colour options.

Now let’s talk tiles. Depending on your desired style, you may choose to install coping tiles on the surrounding ledge of your pool. This is an easy post-installation process and can be discussed during your design and planning stage. If you’re looking to cover the internal walls of the plungie with tiles, we can arrange for your Plungie to be delivered with no ecoFINISH.

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Dip. Plunge Pools is passionate about providing high-quality precast concrete pools to the Port Stephens and Newcastle areas. If we’ve successfully answered your questions and you’ve decided that a Plungie pool is right for you, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us now!